What Makes Us Different?

Our Assistentcy culture offers a gentle, more patient-centric approach when compared to standard collections. As the account ages, our successive letters become slightly more insistent, but always respectful as we offer assistance to the patient. All letters are subject to your final approval and, if requested, can be customized for the exact text, design and format you choose.


During the Extended Business Office process, our representatives will make consistent attempts to contact your patients by telephone. As part of our recovery strategy, calls are made on different days and at different times of the day to maximize the potential for successful communication. Our team is also adept at obtaining insurance carrier information from your patients who did not provide this data at the time of service. Our efforts in this regard have resulted in a dramatic increase in accurate re-filings, a substantial increase in recovered insurance monies, and an overall feeling of gratitude and satisfaction from patients toward the provider.

Both inbound and outbound telephone communications are digitally recorded to ensure a professional culture, ethical conduct, and a program consistent with your facility’s compliance standards. Coupled with our extensive customer service training program, this regimen has resulted in a virtually complaint-free environment.

Assistentcy’s parent company, Kansas Counselors, Inc., is a receivables management company with nearly sixty years of experience in bad debt collection. For those patients that prove challenging, your office can choose to transition these unpaid accounts directly into our advanced recovery program with no further delay. The conversion of these accounts is simple and seamless, and orchestrated per your placement wishes.